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Flights to/from Cape Town International Airport (CTIA) will operate throughout December 2019, January and February 2020.  Passengers should be aware that, unlike OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, CTIA does not have a transit hotel or a 24 hour transit lounge in which passengers can stay overnight whilst awaiting an onward flight.

As such, passengers flying from St Helena to Cape Town are advised that they will need to go landside via Immigration and Customs upon arrival at Cape Town.  The only exceptions are the KLM and Air France flights that depart CTIA early Wednesday morning.

If passengers are intending to fly to Cape Town on Tuesday afternoon on SA8139 and to then connect with the Wednesday morning KLM flight (KL598) or the Wednesday morning Air France flight (AF871), they must advise Airlink or Solomon & Company prior to travel in order that special access can be arranged to permit this transfer.

Similarly, if passengers travelling to St Helena from CTIA miss the Tuesday Airlink morning flight (SA8138), they will need to return to landside via Immigration and Customs.

Passengers are therefore reminded that should they need to go landside at CTIA, they will require a visa if they do not enjoy visa-free entry to South Africa.  As such, passengers who require visa entry to South Africa are strongly recommended to apply for a visa prior to arrival in South Africa to permit temporary entry into the country should this become necessary.

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