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Q. How often does St Helena Airport receive flights?

A: A weekly scheduled service from Johannesburg via Namibia arrives on a Saturday, whilst a monthly charter service to Ascension Island arrives every second weekend of each month.  Additional seasonal flights to/from South Africa are also accommodated.  Such as the weekly Tuesday flights, from November 2023 to February 2024, from Johannesburg via Namibia.

St Helena Airport also accommodates other flights such as medical emergency evacuations and ad hoc private charter flights conducted by visitors to the Island.

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Q. At what time can I check-in when departing St Helena?

A. For the weekly flight to South Africa on Saturdays, passenger check-in opens at 10:30 a.m. and closes at 12:30 p.m.  For the Ascension Island flight weekend, on the second Sunday of every month check-in opens and closes at the same times i.e. 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.

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Q. What facilities are available to passengers or visitors who are visually or hearing impaired, or who are disabled or have mobility issues?

A: Flight information and other announcements are made over the tannoy and are also shown on display boards within the Terminal Building. Staff are available in the Terminal Building to provide further assistance.

With the exception of the landside cafe, all of the facilities for passengers and visitors are located on the ground floor of the Terminal Building. The landside cafe is located on the 1st floor of the Terminal Building and can be accessed by stairs or a lift which can accommodate a wheelchair and an assistant.

Passenger assist vehicles, wheelchairs and staff are available to assist passengers embarking and disembarking aircraft on the apron.

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Q. Are there any ATM facilities at the Airport?

A. No, there are no ATM (‘cash machine’) facilities at the Airport or on the Island.

Currency can be obtained using a personal card such as Visa or Mastercard at the Bank of St Helena Kiosk at the Airport or at their Main Branch in Jamestown (fees apply).

The kiosk at the Airport is adjacent to the Arrivals exit on the ground floor of the Terminal Building.  It offers access to bank accounts for local account holders as well as currency exchange for visitors to St Helena.

Please note that whilst the St Helenian Pound has parity with Sterling, the St Helenian Pound is not accepted anywhere else in the world except Ascension Island.

Bank of St Helena also offer a Virtual Prepaid Cash Card called the Tourist Card. This card is designed for short-term visitors, accessible on a mobile device and uses the local card payment service to pay for goods and services around the island. Visit their website for more information.

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Q. Is smoking allowed at the Airport?

A: Smoking is strictly prohibited in Airport buildings and near the Airport Fuel Facility.

Smoking receptacles are available outside the Terminal Building.

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Q. Can I bring a pet to the Airport?

A: No.  Pets are not allowed at the Airport unless they are being transported to/from St Helena, or if they are a working animal such as a Guide Dog or security dog.

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Q. Are there any banned or prohibited items that I cannot bring to St Helena?

A: Yes. Please see the “Security Information” section for details on items that are restricted, banned or considered dangerous goods by the aviation industry.  These restrictions are in place to maintain the safety and security of aircraft, passengers, crew, cargo and all other users of the Airport.

St Helena Island also has a list of banned and restricted items. Please see the Biosecurity and Customs information found in the ”Arriving at St Helena” section for further guidance.

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Q. How is lost property dealt with at the Airport?

A: Passengers and visitors must keep their belongings with them at all times to ensure the safety and security of the Airport is maintained.  If passengers or visitors become parted from their baggage or property, it is best to check with the Lost Property department in the Terminal Building to see if it has been handed in.

Unattended baggage or property is considered a security risk and as such security personnel are permitted to remove it, open it and if it appears to be suspect, destroy it.

As such, it is very important that passengers and visitors keep their personal belongings with them at all times to avoid creating an unnecessary security alert.

Lost property immediately returned to its rightful owner will be done so without charge, but if lost property needs to be stored for any length of time, the Airport Operator is permitted to charge for its storage.

Lost property will be stored for up to six months, possibly less if the property is hazardous or likely to degrade.  If it is not claimed by its rightful owner within that time, it will be either sold, given to charity or disposed of.  Perishable goods will be sold or disposed of within 48 hours of being handed into the Lost Property department.  Records of lost property will be kept for a minimum of 12 months.

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Q. Is a public transport service available to and from the Airport?

A: Yes, a public bus service is available every Saturday and on the second Sunday of every month.  Please see the public bus timetable which can be found here.

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Q. Are taxis and private hire vehicles available at the Airport?

A: Yes, but in limited numbers, so please check with the St Helena Tourism Office prior to your arrival or departure to ensure transport from or to the Airport is available when you need it.

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Q. What parking is available at the Airport?

A: There are designated parking bays for private vehicles, hire cars, motorcycles, buses and taxis outside the Terminal building; disabled-access parking is also available.

Designated parking bays have a time-limit of 4 hours.  Persons wishing to leave their vehicles at the Airport for longer than 4 hours are required to contact the Airport Operator prior to commencing their journey to request permission to do so.  The vehicle can then be parked in the overflow car park so that it does not present as a security risk.

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Q. What are the international airport codes for St Helena Airport?

A: The three-letter IATA code for St Helena Airport is HLE.  This is the code usually found on your baggage labels and tickets.

The four-letter ICAO code for St Helena Airport is FHSH.  This code is usually used by aviation professionals to identify the Airport.

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Q. How long is the runway at St Helena Airport?

A: The runway dimensions are as follows:

Runway length – 1850m x 45m

Landing Distance Available – Runway 19: 1550m; Runway 01: 1535m

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Q. Who does St Helena Airport belong to?

A: The Airport belongs solely to the St Helena Government, and is managed by the Airport Operator (St Helena Airport Limited).

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