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Security at St Helena Airport

Security sign

The safety and security of aircraft, passengers, crew, staff and visitors at the Airport is paramount.  It is important that your hand baggage is checked.

Security screening poster showing items that are permitted and not permitted in cabin baggage

You must ensure that the below items are removed from your person before screening.

Items to remove before screening image

Please click on the sub-menu links to the left to access information relating to general security requirements at the Airport and in particular, when proceeding through to Departures.

St Helena Airport is an international airport and as such needs to meet and maintain strict security requirements in order to operate safely, securely and effectively.  As such, it is no different to any other international airport around the world, regardless of size or frequency of aircraft movements.  The Aviation Ordinance gives powers to the Aerodrome Security Officers to stop, search, and if need be, detain persons in or around the Airport if the safety of the Airport is compromised.

The public is thanked for its cooperation and understanding in this respect.

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