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Following independent verification to internationally-recognised standards, St Helena Airport Limited (SHAL) is delighted to announce that in December 2020, St Helena Airport joined the Airports Council International (ACI) Airport Carbon Accreditation programme, achieving Level 1 “Mapping” accreditation.  St Helena Airport is the first British Overseas Territory airport to join the programme, and it commits the Airport to reduce its emissions, with the ultimate aim of achieving carbon neutrality.

Official Airport Carbon Accreditation logo - a control tower in blue with various coloured leaves to imitate a treeThe ACA programme has six levels of achievement and provides airports with a common framework for active carbon management, utilising measurable goals. It strives to enable the airport industry to effectively reduce its carbon footprint, and to benefit from increased efficiency through lowered energy consumption.

Joining the programme further supports and cements SHAL’s commitment to implement, maintain and develop prudent environmental management whilst minimising risk to the environment from airport activities.

“Human activity is having profound effects on the environment, wildlife, water supply, weather patterns, food supply and geographical changes”, said Gwyneth Howell, CEO and Accountable Manager for SHAL; “It is SHAL’s corporate and social responsibility to further reduce our carbon footprint to protect the environment for all generations. We have established our footprint; therefore, we now need to actively adopt carbon management practices, utilising value for money initiatives directed at reducing our footprint, by introducing energy saving technologies and reducing reliance on fossil fuels”.

Airport Carbon Accreditation mapping logo - silhouette white control tower against a large yellow leafAli Tounsi, ACI Africa Secretary General said, “I would like to congratulate the leadership and team of SHAL for all their efforts in achieving the Airport Carbon Accreditation Level 1 Mapping for St Helena Airport. SHAL has been a committed ACI Africa member and this achievement is yet another testimony of their drive to contribute to the advancement of the airport industry on the African continent, including in mitigating the impact of the aviation activities on the environment. I look forward to celebrating with them very soon the next levels of Airport Carbon Accreditation”.

SHAL now looks ahead to working towards attaining Level 2 “Reduction” of the ACA programme.  This is achieved by continuing to fulfil all the requirements of the “Mapping” Level, providing evidence of effective carbon management procedures including target setting, and showing that a reduction in the carbon footprint has occurred.  Accordingly, SHAL is fully committed to the journey that leads to carbon neutrality.

See the official Airport Carbon Accreditation website for more details –

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