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St Helena Airport Limited (SHAL) would like to remind all passengers who are flying to and from St Helena that it is important to take precautions to secure your valuables.

Valuables can include laptops, portable devices, currency, jewellery, watches and anything else of significant monetary or sentimental value.

Whilst the likelihood of tampering or theft from luggage cannot be entirely eliminated, there are a number of precautions that can be taken to minimise the possibility of tampering or theft occurring.

It is recommended that you place valuable items in your cabin baggage and keep it with you at all times; as a secondary security measure, consider using a lock for your cabin baggage and try not to use external pockets that cannot be secured.

It is normally recommended that you do not use hold baggage to transport your valuables, but should the need arise, please consider additional security measures.  Having your luggage professionally wrapped will add an additional layer of security as well as protecting your luggage against damage.  Wrapping services are available at St Helena Airport, OR Tambo International Airport and most other international airports.

Alternatively, consider using a luggage strap to minimise the loss of the contents of the luggage should the main zip fail; luggage straps with locks are also available.

Taking these precautions can minimise the likelihood of the loss of the contents of your luggage, particularly in respect of valuables, and can also assist in keeping the contents secure during the rigours of air travel.

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