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Photo of the runway lights switched on at St Helena Airport in July 2015St Helena Airport Limited (SHAL) wishes to advise the public that on Saturday 17 April from approximately 7:30pm, the runway and apron lights will be switched on for an hour or so.

The Airport is preparing to celebrate its 5th anniversary with the community, having opened on 10 May 2016.  As part of that celebration, the Beaver Scouts will be camping overnight at the Airport, and as a special treat, the runway and apron lights will be turned on.  The Beaver Scouts are also celebrating their 35th anniversary this year, and will be engaging in various activities at the Airport during the day.

SHAL recognises that this will cause some temporary light pollution, but the runway lights are rarely turned on at night.  Indeed, the last time was in July 2015, before the Airport opened; it proved to be a very popular event with the community.

Good views of the runway lights can be had from Bradleys and Millennium Forest, and for those who are more adventurous, Ben Coolen, The Barn and Great Stone Top.  Please take care if you intend to visit these areas, particularly in regard to safeguarding Wirebirds.

Please note that there is no public access to the Airport car park or the Terminal Building during the evening.

We hope that the Beaver Scouts and the public will enjoy the display of runway and apron lights.

St Helena Airport Limited, 16 April 2021

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