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Every year, the 20th October is celebrated around the world to mark the foundation day of the International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers Association (IFATCA) in 1961.

International Day of the Air Traffic Controller reminds us about the hard work that these men and women undertake to make air travel safe.  It is an increasingly important and demanding role given the significant growth of air travel over recent decades.

The air traffic control profession is one that requires highly specialized knowledge, skills and abilities. Air Traffic Controllers must work rapidly and efficiently to coordinate the succinct movement of aircraft whilst ensuring safe separation between air traffic.

This role requires total concentration, the highest levels of professionalism, excellent spatial awareness along with psychological and medical fitness, to ensure that safety is always assured around aircraft in flight and on the ground.

St Helena Airport currently has two Air Traffic Controllers, Bramwell and Dayle, who are vital to the air service link by ensuring our airspace is safe for all aircraft.  Not only do they provide core air traffic control functions, but they also conduct weather observations, lead the Runway Safety Programme, and if called upon would coordinate tasks in an emergency situation.  Put simply, without Bramwell and Dayle, St Helena would have no air services.

At St Helena Airport we are proud to work with our air traffic control colleagues from ATNS, and we celebrate them, together with their colleagues around the world, for the work they do to make our air travel safe.

Senior Air Traffic controller in the Tower at St Helena Airport

Air Traffic controller in the Tower at St Helena Airport


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