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As we move into the winter period on St Helena, inevitably there is a greater possibility of inclement weather which could affect the flight schedule.

The public is therefore reminded that information relating to the delay or cancellation of a flight will only be made available through the following communication channels:

  • The St Helena Airport website:
  • The automated travel telephone line: +290 26111
  • Radio announcements on SAMS and Saint FM
  • Solomon and Company (St Helena) Plc as Airlink ticketing agent: +290 22523
  • Airlink information desk at St Helena Airport (after 10am on flight days): +290 25350.

Should it become necessary to delay or cancel a flight, the public will be immediately advised via all of the communication channels noted above.  As such, if you are made aware of a delay or cancellation through any other channel, it is strongly recommended that you verify its accuracy to ensure that you have been advised correctly.

It should be noted that the decision to delay or cancel a flight for operational reasons can only be made by the St Helena Airport Accountable Manager in conjunction with the Airlink Operations Team based in South Africa.

St Helena Airport Limited, 9 July 2019

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