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A significant occasion such as the RMS farewell celebrations on St Helena should be recorded for posterity; many people will want to take photographs and footage leading up to and throughout the forthcoming events.

Given that these events will be popular, this is a reminder to drone users, who may wish to record these events, that safety and privacy issues are paramount at all times.

Therefore, drone users are reminded of the following:

  • You must keep your drone in unaided visual range at all times
  • You are not permitted to fly higher than 400ft above the surface
  • Flights over and within 150 metres of Jamestown (including the seafront and wharf area) are not permitted
  • Flights over and within 150 metres of crowds are not permitted
  • You must maintain a distance of at least 50 metres between your drone and any person or vessel at all times
  • You should respect the privacy of the public and be sensitive to this
  • If your drone goes out of range or develops a fault which affects its trajectory, please contact the Airport immediately via tel: 63131 or 22112

No flying will be permitted in the restricted zone on Saturday, 10 February 2018.  A map depicting the three drone zones can be found at:

It is important that these events are recorded, especially for those with fond memories of the RMS who live on-Island but perhaps are unable to attend the events, or for those who live overseas, as well as for future generations.  However, drone flights must be conducted safely to ensure this is a memorable occasion for all the right reasons.

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