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Titan Airways Boeing 757 on the apron at St Helena AirportThe forthcoming Titan Airways flight that leaves St Helena will not be carrying anyone who has not completed the prescribed quarantine period.  Accordingly, it has been decided to open the airport to the public on the day the flight departs for the UK.  Flight departure is currently scheduled to be on Saturday 25 September 2021 at 09:00.

This will allow access to the Terminal Building for those wishing to say their farewells to departing passengers, and for the general public to visit the airport.

As such, the airport will be open to the public from 06:00 on the departure date, with the bank, the 1st floor café, and the viewing gallery open to everyone that morning. 

Please note, however, that the airport will remain closed to the public for the arrival of the flight from the UK (currently scheduled to be Friday 24 September), to permit the necessary COVID-19 protection measures to remain in place.

SHAL continues to maintain its robust sanitising regime and other preventative measures to minimise the possibility of COVID-19 contamination, in order to maintain a safe airport for staff, passengers, and the general public.  Indeed, it should be noted that persons arriving at the Airport from abroad do not use the bank, 1st floor café, or the viewing gallery; therefore, the public can feel confident that these areas are entirely safe for their use and enjoyment.

Please be aware that the opening date is dependent on the flight schedule and therefore may be subject to change.

St Helena Airport Limited, 15 September 2021

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