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Entry requirements to St Helena were recently amended to shorten the mandatory quarantine period for those fully vaccinated, and to no longer require a pre-arrival negative PCR result. 

Nevertheless, with the COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing, travel and entry to St Helena by air remains subject to various pre and post arrival processes. 

Visitors and returning residents to the Island by air are therefore reminded of the following entry requirements:

Before you travel

Passengers must complete an online pre-arrival entry questionnaire before travelling by air to St Helena. The online pre-arrival entry questionnaire must be completed no less than one week prior to the commencement of the journey to St Helena so that the proposed quarantine property can be assessed for suitability. 

You do not need to complete the pre-arrival entry questionnaire if you are transiting St Helena on your journey to Ascension Island.

PCR Test

There is no longer a requirement by St Helenian authorities to obtain a negative PCR test prior to arrival at St Helena.  However, it should be noted that travel through South Africa currently requires a negative PCR test for those passengers who are not fully vaccinated.

Mandatory quarantine period

All passengers arriving to St Helena are required to complete a mandatory quarantine period, and only after a negative COVID-19 test result has been obtained does the quarantine period end.

For those passengers who are fully vaccinated, the quarantine period is 7 days.  For those who are unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated, the quarantine period is 10 days. Day 1 starts on the day after arrival to the Island e.g. if you arrive on by air on the Saturday, Sunday is counted as Day 1.

“Fully vaccinated” means having received one (or  where applicable, two) vaccinations of a recognised COVID-19 vaccine.  Vaccination boosters are are disregarded from the definition of “fully vaccinated”.

Face masks

With the exception of those exempted for medical reasons or if the passenger is under 5 years of age, the use of a face mask is compulsory on the aircraft.  This is regardless of the mask-wearing rules in force in your originating country.

Upon arrival at the Airport

Passengers arriving at St Helena Airport are required to wear a face mask throughout the arrivals process and on pre-arranged transport, unless they are exempted from wearing one.  The arrivals process is:

  1. Passengers are disembarked from the aircraft and processed through Immigration.
  2. Visitors to St Helena will be required to complete the Immigration entry form (for short-term entry i.e., less than six months) which contains both immigration and customs declaration information.  Visitors also must make payment of the entry fee (£20 for those aged 12 years and over; no fee for those less than 12 years of age), show proof of return ticket, and show proof of medical insurance which includes emergency evacuation of at least £175,000 (or equivalent in other currencies).  Those requiring a visa for entry to St Helena will also need to present the pre-approved visa.
  3. Returning residents are not required to pay the entry fee upon arrival, or have proof of return ticket or medical insurance, but must complete the immigration entry form and present proof of residency (either showing Saint status or appropriate exemption).
  4. Once through Immigration, passengers will collect their luggage and will then proceed through Biosecurity and the Customs channels
  5. Passengers will then be given their COVID-19 self-test pack, and information relating to the Coronavirus Regulations and the quarantine period
  6. Passengers will then depart the airport using their own or pre-arranged transport, to their place of quarantine to begin the compulsory quarantine period
  7. During the quarantine period, arriving persons will have the opportunity for daily contact from SHG Health to check on their well-being, along with a visit by the roving security team
  8. The day before quarantine is scheduled to end, passengers will take a COVID-19 test and upon receipt of a negative result, will be permitted to exit quarantine measures.

Documentation and information relating to COVID-19 quarantine requirements can be found on the SHG website, here.

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