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Image of the first two pages of the article in the inside aviation magazineAn article about St Helena Airport Limited (SHAL) has recently been published in the “[inside] aviation” magazine.  This premium publication is aimed at aviation professionals and enthusiasts alike, with a global readership of over 36,000.

In the article, Gwyneth Howell the Chief Executive Officer reflects on the first two years of SHAL’s operations, the importance of St Helena Airport to the St Helenian community, and what the future may hold for the aviation industry.

Although the article was published in April 2020, it was written prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, and therefore does not reflect upon the significant impact that the spread of COVID-19 has had on the aviation world over recent weeks.

Nevertheless, the article encapsulates the successes and challenges of operating an airport in one of the most remotely-inhabited places in the world, and doing so whilst complying with international standards and requirements for safety, security, operations and environmental management.

To read the article about St Helena Airport, click here to access the online April 2020 edition of “[inside] aviation”.

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