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A poster for the SHAPE Superhero Fun Day hosted by St Helena Airport on 14 November 2020 Photo of Dr Sergio cycling on the runway at St Helena Airport at the SHAPE Superhero Fun Day on 14 November 2020 A photo of the public standing on the taxiway in front of the Terminal Building at St Helena Airport, about to embark on a runway dash

A Superhero fun day organised by SHAPE (St Helena’s Active Participation in Enterprise) and hosted by St Helena Airport Limited (SHAL) took place at the Airport on Saturday 14 November 2020.  The Superhero Fun Day included a number of activities and events for all ages, with the highlight being a fun run on the runway (or on the apron for those who were less adventurous).  The public were encouraged to dress up as superheroes to highlight the superhero work that SHAPE does on Island.

The event was organised to raise funds for this important charity which offers a crucial role in supporting the island’s disabled and vulnerable adults who could face social exclusion. It provides supportive training opportunities through environmentally friendly projects, producing traditionally inspired crafts with strong, green initiatives using a host of materials including waste (cardboard, fleece, etc.) and invasive plants (aloe and flax) to create fantastic products for sale.

SHAL made the Airport available to the public to host the event, as well as offer visitors the opportunity to experience a rope rescue, to see the Airport fire-fighters tackle a simulated aircraft fire, and to view a fire truck demonstration on the apron culminating in a competition between two fire trucks.

The weather was kind and the event was well intended, with stalls, entertainment and food on offer.  A record was also set by Dr Sergio for the number of end-to-end lengths of the runway (just under 10) completed in 1 hour on a bicycle, setting a challenge for other cyclists on Island to beat at future events at the Airport.

In this time of uncertainty and COVID-19 issues, it was especially important to bring together the St Helenian community, particularly given that the Island is COVID-free at present.  As such, SHAL was honoured to host the event and hopes to do so again in the future.

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