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St Helena Airport Limited (SHAL) is delighted to be able to again host the SHAPE Superhero Fun Day.  This will take place on Sunday 21 November. St Helena’s Active Participation in Enterprise (SHAPE) are raising funds to support their efforts in supporting the island’s disabled and vulnerable adults who could face social exclusion.  SHAPE provides training and assistance to a number of clients on Island, offering recycled materials for sale, and work placement activities for some of their clients.

SHAPE has enlisted the assistance of SHAL to offer a venue for their fundraising activities; these include stalls, food vendors, and other leisure activities, all in aid of raising funds for SHAPE and other charitable organisations on Island.

SHAPE and SHAL look forward to seeing as many members of the public as possible (dressed in their superhero outfits, naturally!) and hope that everyone will have a fun day.

Photo of the Terminal Building entrance with signage and stalls set up for the SHAPE Superhero Fun Day in 2020

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