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St Helena Island Living with COVID banner - green island on black backgroundFrom today (Monday 8 August 2022), all COVID-19 travel restrictions to St Helena Island are removed.  This means that persons arriving at St Helena no longer need to undertake compulsory quarantine nor be tested upon arrival.

Likewise, travellers to St Helena Island do not need to provide evidence of COVID-19 vaccination status, nor do they need to provide a COVID-19 test result prior to entry to St Helena.

However, in line with good hygiene and the need to slow the community spread of COVID-19 on St Helena Island, those persons arriving are asked to consider isolating if they are knowingly COVID-19 positive,  as well as practising good hand hygiene, and good hygiene if coughing or sneezing i.e., to use a tissue or the crook of the elbow.

St Helena Island is looking forward to increasing visitor numbers and welcoming them to our beautiful Island.  However, we ask visitors to be mindful of our remoteness and fragility, and respect our desire to slow the community spread of COVID-19 to ensure it can be well-managed.

Government guidance on “Living with COVID” can be found here.

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