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Photograph of a Titan Airwaya Boeing 757 in flightSt Helena Government announced today that a Boeing 757-200 operated by UK-based Titan Airways is to operate to St Helena.  Weather permitting, the aircraft will arrive at St Helena Airport at around 13:00 GMT on Thursday 30 July 2020, repatriating passengers from the UK and Ascension Island to St Helena.  It will then overnight on St Helena before departing on Friday 31 July for the return journey to the UK via a fuel stop in Accra, Ghana.

The Boeing 757-200 will be the largest commercial aircraft to have operated to St Helena Airport since its opening in 2016.  Once the arriving passengers have disembarked and weather permitting, the aircraft will then conduct a series of circuits for the pilots to familiarise themselves with the approaches to St Helena Airport from both runway directions, and to provide valuable flight data for any further flights that may be planned with the 757.

Photos and videos will be available on this website and the St Helena Airport Facebook page (

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