St Helena Airport

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On 15 September 2015, the first ever fixed-wing aircraft landed at St Helena Airport.  It was a momentous occasion, reached through much hard work, endeavour and determination.  Just a few months later, the new airport received its aerodrome certificate allowing commercial air operations to begin.

Four years later, to the day, St Helena Airport showed its ability to handle a myriad of different aircraft with professionalism and to international standards, with two private aircraft and the commercial air service handled within the space of a few hours.  This involved long hours from staff given the single shift basis on which the airport operates and given the challenges of delivering safe and efficient access to one of the world’s most remote locations.

St Helena Airport Limited (SHAL) and St Helena Government are proud of the progress achieved thus far and look forward to further developing access and services at St Helena Airport, to be benefit of residents and visitors alike.

Photo of a Beechcraft 200 Super King Air aircraft parked on the apron at St Helena Airport
The first fixed-wing aircraft to land on St Helena – 15 September 2015
Photo of a Global Express aircraft waiting to taxi onto St Helena Airport's runway as an Airlink E190 lands
A Global Express aircraft waits for an Embraer E190 to land – 15 September 2019
Photo of an Airlink E190 aircraft in the foreground with a Global Express aircraft having just got airbourne in the background
A Global Express aircraft departs as the scheduled air service arrives from Ascension Island – 15 September 2019
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