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Photograph of the Commonwealth Flag flying at St Helena Airport on the 2020 Commonwealth Day

On Monday 9 March 2020, St Helena Airport Limited (SHAL) commemorated the 2020 Commonwealth Day by raising the Commonwealth flag at St Helena Airport.

This year’s Commonwealth Day theme is “Delivering a Common Future: Connecting, Innovating and Transforming”.

This theme is particularly pertinent to the world of civil aviation:


  • Connecting – bringing together people throughout the world
  • Innovating – advances in aerospace and aviation are being made all of the time to make travel efficient, safe and supportive of economic and social advances
  • Transforming – civil aviation has transformed the lives of millions of people in the world, whether that be connecting people, supporting commerce, or allowing remote communities (such as St Helena’s) to have ready access to the rest of the world and its services.

This year’s Commonwealth Day theme also centred on better, more sustainable use of our natural resources, and crucially, the protection of our planet’s environment.  St Helena Airport Limited has always prioritised environmental management and stewardship, and will continue to do so in proactive and reactive ways in order that it can operate in harmony with the environment in which it is located.

To this end, SHAL is seeking to join the ACI Airport Carbon Accreditation scheme which demands a positive public statement of intent with regards to carbon management and will evidence SHAL’s proactive approach to reducing its carbon footprint and to enhance local and global environments.

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