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It was announced today that measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 on St Helena have been tightened.  From today, any persons arriving on St Helena by air will be compelled to complete a minimum of 14 days of quarantine at a place designated by the Proper Officer; this is likely to be at Bradley’s Camp.

As a reminder, only the following persons are permitted to enter St Helena Island:

  • Citizens
  • Residents
  • Long-term entry permit holders
  • Temporary contractors
  • Sponsored Technical Cooperation Officers, and
  • Persons authorised in advance by the Governor.

Those persons transiting through St Helena to Ascension Island (and vice versa) will be permitted to do so.  No other persons wishing to visit St Helena at this time will be permitted to enter the Island.

Further information can be found on the SHG website –

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