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Photo of St Helena Airport in the background, and a wind sock in the foreground

St Helena Airport Limited has been working with a skilled local digital media and design company called Capricorn Studios to produce three short promotional videos about specific careers at St Helena Airport.  They are:

  1. Aviation weather forecaster
  2. Air Traffic Controller
  3. CNS* Maintenance and Management.

* Communication, Navigation and Surveillance.

The purpose of the promotional videos is to introduce three specialised roles at the Airport to the general public and to highlight potential career pathways for residents of St Helena. 

These three roles generally work in the background, unseen by the general public.  Nevertheless, they are all crucial to airport operations, and can provide residents with a career path that can offer global possibilities for training and work. 

In collaboration with Capricorn Studios, SHAL has completed the first of the three promotional videos (Aviation Weather Forecaster), and it is now available to the public on YouTube.  The video will also be shown at local career day events and SURE have kindly allowed it to be shown on local TV from Monday 23 May 2022.

SHAL would like to thank the UK Met Office for their support and assistance with the Aviation Weather Forecaster promotional video, and we hope that it will garner interest in this fascinating career, both locally and overseas.

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