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Photograph of endemic plants and rockery in the precinct gardens at St Helena AirportSt Helena Airport’s Annual Environmental Report for 2018-19 has been published and you can find it here (29Mb).

The Annual Environmental Report (AER) provides information on the progress the airport has made towards its environmental responsibilities throughout the period 1st July 2018 to 30th June 2019.  These responsibilities extend to the airfield and surrounding environment, as well as external locations such as the Fire Training Rig and navigational aids.  It requires airport operations to be implemented safely and securely, but also in a way that is environmentally sensitive and sustainable.

The report shows that of the 30 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) identified to monitor progress and track compliance, 24 of them (80%) were achieved; one KPI was partially met and five KPIs were not met.  Although this resulted in a slight deterioration in performance compared with the previous year, potential achievement of 3 of the KPIs was affected by factors outside of the airport’s control.

This independent report demonstrates the continued commitment of St Helena Airport Limited (SHAL) to robust and comprehensive environmental monitoring and management to ensure the airport’s responsibilities are maintained and managed effectively.  SHAL takes its environmental responsibilities seriously, and indeed seeks to extend them in 2019-20 by investigating ways to reduce its carbon footprint and positively contribute towards the local and global environment.

Gwyneth Howell, CEO and Accountable Manager for SHAL said, “Caring for the environment is an important responsibility for St Helena Airport.  The airport itself is built in an environmentally sensitive part of an Island which itself is teeming with endemics, spectacular natural landscapes and numerous micro-climates.  Whilst there is still much to do, I am very proud of SHAL’s stewardship of the environment in which we live and work.  It continues to be beholden on us all to monitor, manage and care for the environment to the benefit of this and all future generations.”

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