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St Helena Government (SHG) and SA Airlink are pleased to announce that additional flights to St Helena will take place between December 2018 and April 2019.  This is a positive step forward as it means that in addition to the regular scheduled service to St Helena that operates each Saturday, a further 19 flights are being scheduled midweek during this peak period. An additional flight is also planned to Ascension Island in December 2018 and again in January 2019 to meet anticipated demand during the peak period.

SHG and Airlink have observed a number of advance bookings for the Christmas/summer period on St Helena with some flights in December 2018 and January 2019 already near to fully booked. These additional flights will mean that St Helena can now cater for the anticipated demand to travel to the Island whilst benefitting Saints, visiting friends and relatives who traditionally return to St Helena for Christmas. This is also a positive step for the tourism and business markets with an expectation that there will be an increase in visitor numbers during the summer period. Passengers now have the option of three, four, seven or ten night stays (or indeed longer) on St Helena.

This is the first step in growing the successful air access service. Whilst the expectation is that the 19 additional flights will be in place for 2019/20 and beyond, the need for further amendments to the scheduled service will be kept under regular review.

Additional flights for the peak period 2018/19 are currently being loaded into booking systems. Tickets will shortly be available online via the Airlink website at: and through all normal IATA global distribution systems.  Passengers are advised to contact their IATA travel agent.

For those passengers resident on St Helena, ticket bookings can be made via Solomon & Company (St Helena) Plc’s Shipping & Travel Agency at the Malabar in Jamestown.  Passengers can visit the Shipping & Travel Agency in person or contact them via email: or tel: 22523.

A Q&A document accompanying this announcement is attached.

Additional Flights to St Helena and Ascension – QA – 4 May 2018

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