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Fees and Charges

There are a number of fees and charges that relate to the landing and parking of aircraft, arrival and departure charges for passengers (automatically subsumed into the cost of the fare), and the cost of Jet A-1 fuel on St Helena.  The information below sets out the costs associated with inward and outward flights at St Helena Airport.  For further information or assistance, please use the contacts below for fuel enquiries, or contact the St Helena Government for information relating to Aerodrome Charges.

All fees and charges are in St Helenian Pounds which is on parity with British Sterling.

Aerodrome Charges

Landing, parking, essential infrastructure and passenger services charges fees, along with information on exemptions, are to be found in the Aerodrome Charges Regulations.  Click on the link below to view the Aviation Ordinance which includes the Aerodrome Charges Regulations.

Aviation Ordinance (527k)


Jet A-1 fuel is available on St Helena at a cost of £1.00 (GBP)/per litre.  There is no AVGAS available on Island.

For queries relating to fuel purchase and delivery, please contact the Fuel Management Contractor (Penspen):

Jon Tebbs ( on +44 (0) 800 032 8210 (landline) or +44 (0) 7787 302111  (mobile)

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