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On 2 April 2020, a number of restrictions were put in place for any persons arriving to St Helena in an effort to minimise the likelihood of COVID-19 coming to the Island.  From that date, only the following persons were permitted to enter St Helena Island:

  • Citizens
  • Residents
  • Long-term entry permit holders
  • Temporary contractors
  • Sponsored Technical Cooperation Officers, and
  • Persons authorised in advance by the Governor.

On 24 June 2020, the St Helena Government (SHG) announced a relaxation of these measures to permit any person to arrive at St Helena.  However, all those arriving continue to be subject to a mandatory 14 days of quarantine (as a minimum) at a place designated by the Proper Officer; this is likely to be at Bradley’s Camp, but the actual location of quarantine is considered on a case-by-case basis.

Those persons transiting through St Helena to Ascension Island (and vice versa) are still permitted to do so.

Further information can be found on the SHG website –

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